Instinctively IntertwinedMemory BurpV.B.V.!GlimpseNawlinsMirror WatchingPink FlamingoMingleTemporarily Out of ServiceDo You Know How Many Times They Told Me Know?Cat oddsUntitled4AMJealousyUntitledPaper TreeReverbWhite rugs...white rugs!!!The Sandy give it the swan in the endDuskCheek to cheekSometimes you just don't have enough pocketsUntitledElectric BoogalooAn orgy among lionsCaveUntitledUntitledPolePsst......Bob!Man, I really need my steering column repaired right now.  And I'm gonna need a specialist.Pearl in the dirtUntitledBirdTricky Dick's DiscoJokeEnvyDrinkUntitledWhat PeopleUntitledThe Start Over SunsetHappy with HateEnchiladaUntitledVelvet WhirlpoolUntitled
Are these clues....?